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Members' Rigs: Ken "Dragon" Young

Ken's 2014 JK Unlimited Dragon Edition Wrangler is sure to give Jeep envy to most anyone that see's it. As you can see from the extensive modifications that this Jeep is Expedition ready!

- 4in Tough Country lift
- 35in Toyo M/T Tires
- 18in Fuel Hostage Wheels
- AEV Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier, Fuel Caddy, Rear Break Light, Mud Flaps, High Lift and Pull Pal Mounts
- AEV Water pump for bumper tanks with tanks plumbed together
- AEV Performance Programing
- Rampage Recovery Front Bumper w/ Stinger
- Smittybuilt XRC 9.5K Gen 2 Winch
- SR 50in Hybrid LED Light bar
- LED Fog Lamps
- Amp Powerstep w/ Lights
- Insane Jeep Audio JK1001 Stereo Navigation (Android Operating - system with itís own wifi hotspot)
- Daystar A-Pillar Switch Hub for light
- Springtail Solutions side rear racks, with quickfist retainers (to hold Scuba tanks)
- Custom mounted rear LED for light in rear area when tailgate is open
- E-Dock Stubby Front Mounting bar above dash w/ iPad mini and go pro mounts
- Ursa Minor J30 Tent top w/ Thule Aero Bar
- ARB on-board air compressor-pressurized the water storage (already in AEV bumper) for power washing & kitchen application
- Front Runner Spare Tire Camp Grill
- Front Runner Spare Tire step
- Vector Off-road MP Tailgate Fold-down table w. cutting board & mount on vice for mobile workshop capability
- Front mounted clearance camera below bumper
- Weathertech Floor Liners throughout
- Daystar Lower Switch Panel
- Midland CB Radio w/ mast antenna
- MAXTRAX with custom fabricated mount for Thule rails

On the to do list:
- Amateur (Ham) Radio
- Star Fabrication Smart Wrangler Door Hinges
- Warrior Products Lockable Storage Trunk
- AEV Lift Replacement
- JP Speaker Headlamps w/ fortec4x4Oracle color shift halos & black background
- AEV Snorkel
- Dual battery system
- Led alley lights by mirrors


Jeep Expeditions is the PREMIERE Jeep Exclusive Expedition/Overland Adventure CLUB Anywhere!

Jeep Expeditions is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Arizona.  

The state recognizes us as a fraternal organization,  we prefer to say we are a club.  Our members and volunteers are dedicated to the exploration  this great land  for the educational value, historical value,  scenic beauty, the geology, paleontology, the camaraderie of people who share the same interests and to escape the confines of civilization if only for a few days. Our organization and members adhere to the standards of "Tread Lightly" and "Leave No Trace".

Jeep Expedition Members enjoy adventures that vary in length from one day, a weekend, long weekend, week long, two weeks and like our Arctic Expedition in 2011, a full month. Don't worry, most of our trips are one day and two day trips. We are Family Friendly and we have a number of members who bring their friendly "Jeep Dogs".

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