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Exploration, Fascination, Education, Preservation and Conservation...........Welcome to the world of adventure overland travel.

Join Today For 13 years now, members of Jeep Expeditions have made many new friends and joined with each other for lots of new and exciting adventures.  With 8 Expeditions planned or in the works  for 2019 & 2020 and a number of shorter day trips and weekend adventures each month, anyone cal "Live the Adventure".   For those looking for the adventure of a lifetime, how about our 10,000 mile Alaska/Canada/Arctic Expedition in July 2011.   Looking to the future, more exciting trips for 2018 thru 2020 are on the drawing board.   Our average Expedition might have 10-15 Jeeps and up to 20 people including children and the family Jeep dog.  Our average day trip or weekend adventure could also have 10-15 Jeeps or as few as 5 to 10.   Whatever your desire for overland adventure,  Jeep Expeditions can satisfy your appetite!   Want to take a glimpse of what we are doing?   Click on the Past and Future Expeditions tab or the Calendar tab. 

 To prevent us from growing out of control, our By-Laws limit our membership to 100 Individual/Family memberships.   One of the reasons for a limited membership is don't have 3000 or 30,000 people all posting comments on the forum that are just too hard to follow and makes keeping on track with the subject at hand, Adventure, difficult at best.   With less than 100 members we are a close knit community of Jeepers with common interests.  We are a "family" of Jeepers, just the way we like it. 

Now the good news is we still have a few memberships still available. The bad news is, it is going to take you 5 minutes or so of your time to complete the registration requirements.

What does membership in Jeep Expeditions give you?

First of all we are a UNIQUE club in the 4x4 world. Scenery, history, archeology, geology, paleontology, education, wheeling and so much more! Sure there may be some rock crawling involved but just about all of our trips are suitable for STOCK Jeeps.  

  1. A Group of Experienced member/volunteers to lead you on multiple day Expeditions.
  2. Our volunteer members/trip leaders/board of directors do all the planning, apply for permits and take care of all the PIA stuff, consider us your off-road travel agent.   We are a registered non-profit  corporation in the state of Arizona. 
  3. Unlike other Expedition groups, it wont cost you $200, $500, $1000 or more per person to do what we have learned to do best. Most of our Expeditions are FREE to attend. We only charge when there is a charge for permits and guides which usually applies to Navajo or other Native American lands.   We don't offer a free membership and give you the same stuff you do now then charge you an extra $50 a year to do "premium trips".   All of our trips are premium and just about all of them are FREE  and included with one low annual membership fee!
  4. Discounts at local and  national vendors can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.
  5. We have a GREAT looking logo :-)
  6. Save more money on occasional group buys on Jeep parts/accys, camping equipment and more.
  7. See much more of the outdoors than you would on your own or with a rock crawling club and still spank the trails in Moab with us without wrecking your Jeep.
  8. Organization and accountability! Your Board of Directors will make sure that our website and Forums stay up and remain stable, they will not only plan for the present but plan for the future as evidenced by our planning of expeditions into 2024 already.
  9. You know who to come to for advice or a problem.
  10. Stability - We have taken all of the steps and will continue to take steps to insure the long term stability of our club.
  11. New and exciting Expeditions each year and new twists on some old ones. You won't get bored!
  12. Safety and security. You have peace of mind being with a responsible group of experienced "Expeditioniers/Overlanders".
  13. It has been said by many that their 1st trip with us was worth many times more than what the annual dues are. And its so true, after your first Jeep Expedition whether it is a weekend trip or a week long adventure,  you will come back for more.
  14. Family friendly. We invite all members of the family, even the family dog. Most if not all of our trips besides being some of the most scenic you might ever go on also have historical and educational value to them.
  15. People have called our trips, the BEST off-road adventure they have even been on. While they can't all be the best they all will be lots of fun!
  16. We have our "stuff" together!
  17. Dedicated board of directors, trip leaders and members. We volunteer our time for YOU!
  18. Because we are a Jeeps ONLY club, we know Jeeps and in the rare case of a breakdown on the trail most likely have tools, parts and people who know how to get you going.   In any case we have NEVER left anyone behind!

Our club donates a portion of your dues to an number of organizations such as United Four Wheel Drive Associations, Tread Lightly, Blue Ribbon Coalition, NORA, a number of state 4 wheel drive associations including Cal4Wheel of which we cover a third of the cost of your membership plus other great organizations that are always on the watch and always fighting for our rights to Off Highway recreation on a local, state, regional and national basis.

Now, like the info-mercial says "How much would you pay for all of this ?" Membership is clearly worth hundreds of dollars per year according to many of our members but we have registered as non-profit organization so we can't make any money.  The fact is that half of your dues money goes to organizations that are out their to protect your rights to public lands.  How many other off-road groups can say that?   The rest is for operational expenses for things like our website, supplies, etc.

Prospective members are required to complete a quick and simple information form/membership application and submit 2 pictures of their Jeep. In addition you must participate in a minimum of one Expedition in a 12 month period and since we are a Jeep club, you must own and drive a Jeep vehicle on our Expeditions. Simple so far, right? We have simple By-Laws and Rules that every member is expected to abide by, most of them safety and common sense related. And yes we do have annual dues of $40 per Individual/Family membership.

Of course if all you want to do is look at our website again and again, like over 200,000 people will do this month, that will cost you nothing. But, if you want to hit the back roads with us and have all the benefits of membership, you must join as only members can participate in our events and view our forum.   Non-members can take part in our FaceBook page and post messages. In addition we are looking to get more active in other social media options like Twitter (JeepExpedition1) and InstaGram.

Signing up is simple:

****Currently our Forum has been locked down to new member registration due to our having nearly 400 SPAMMERS trying to gain entry in a recent 24 hour period. If you are a legitimate Jeeper and want to become a member, of the #1 Jeep Adventure Club anywhere, send us an email to: saying you would like to join. After you complete the online membership application, email us two pictures of your Jeep and pay your first 12 months membership dues, we will manually register you with our Forum and send you a temporary password. Simple as that. An extra step so to speak but it's a necessary one to protect the integrity of our forum and website from hackers and spammers. We don't accept advertising so there aren't any annoying ads or pop-ups on our sites and we are proud to be able to say we have NEVER had a SPAMMER or HACKER get thru our security measures.

  1. DISREGARD STEP #1 AT THIS TIME! We will do this after you've completed Steps 2 & 3. Register for our Forum/BBS

  2. Click here----> Complete and submit the online application for membership and email two pictures of your Jeep and a brief description of it to (click on active link to email ---->)

  3. Pay your membership dues ($40.00) conveniently via PayPal from your PayPal account using or just click here. Pay Dues with Pay Pal.

  4. Pay your membership dues ($40.00) conveniently via Zelle. Most banks offer Zelle. Chase calls it QuickPay, some use another name and some just call it Zelle.

    Send your dues to thru your banks online banking app to send and receive money.

  5. Members receive one free club decal and can buy additional club decals from the Expedition Store on the Jeep Expeditions web site or our Membership Director.

    PAY PAL & Zelle are our preferred methods of payment but if you would rather mail a check or money order you can send your 1st year dues ($40.00) to: Jeep Expeditions, P.O. Box 12862, Scottsdale, AZ 85267.

    ****Membership is effective only AFTER receipt of your online membership application two pictures of your Jeep and your first 12 months membership dues.

Looking forward to seeing you on our next trip !

-- The Members and Board of Directors of Jeep Expeditions.

**Jeep Expeditions reserves the right to deny membership to anyone who does not meet our membership requirements as outlined in our By-Laws and SOPs.   Jeep Expeditions members MUST own a Jeep vehicle and use that vehicle in all club activities.


Jeep Expeditions is the PREMIERE Jeep Exclusive Expedition/Overland Adventure CLUB Anywhere!

Jeep Expeditions is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Arizona.  

The state recognizes us as a fraternal organization,  we prefer to say we are a club.  Our members and volunteers are dedicated to the exploration  this great land  for the educational value, historical value,  scenic beauty, the geology, paleontology, the camaraderie of people who share the same interests and to escape the confines of civilization if only for a few days. Our organization and members adhere to the standards of "Tread Lightly" and "Leave No Trace".

Jeep Expedition Members enjoy adventures that vary in length from one day, a weekend, long weekend, week long, two weeks and like our Arctic Expedition in 2011, a full month. Don't worry, most of our trips are one day and two day trips. We are Family Friendly and we have a number of members who bring their friendly "Jeep Dogs".

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