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What makes a good Expedition Jeep ?

Ask that question to any one of our members and get lots of different answers. So the question remains, what does make the best vehicle ? The one that gets you there and back, the one that you feel comfortable in, the one that can carry your gear and supplies………simple as that.

Having said that, most of our members own TJ Wranglers, after all Wranglers seem to be one of the most popular Jeep vehicles for people who like to explore the outdoors. The Wrangler is a very capable vehicle in stock form, especially the Rubicon model but is not always the perfect choice for some.

I have owned, built and driven Jeeps for over 30 years now. While that does not make me an expert it does give me lots of experience, enough to form a pretty knowledgeable opinion about them. From my 1st CJ5 in the 70s to CJ7s, CJ8s, FSJs, J-10, J-20, Cherokee and Wagoneer to the more modern YJ Wrangler, XJ Cherokees, MJ Comanche, ZJ Grand Cherokees and a WJ Grand Cherokee I have owned and driven most of them and enjoyed everyone of them ! From the sands of the eastern shores, t o the famed trails of Moab, the many trails of Arizona and the US Southwest and the sands of the Great Altar Dunes and Sea of Cortez in Mexico, I have been there and back. Having the time of my life on every minute and mile !

Jeep Expeditions was formed for its members to experience long distance off-road trips over several days, to enjoy camping under the stars, campfires at night, beautiful scenery, geological wonders, places of historical significance and, well you get the idea. Some people call it overland travel, some expedition travel but no matter what you call it, its and educational, fun and fulfilling experience. Most of the trips that J eep Expeditions has planned or completed are able to be negotiated in most stock Jeeps. The emphasis is on the word stock. And while many of our “stock friendly trips” are just that, there is always the opportunity for the more modified Jeeps to play on some nearby obstacles and side trails. There are just some Jeeps that are better suited for paved roads and are better kept off the dirt. Great little commuter cars they are, especially for areas where foul weather is present, but as a group we do not suggest their use as a vehicle which needs to be up to the task of safely traversing (without the potential of significant body damage) the trails "normally" ran in comfort by the more off-road capable Jeep models. I would not suggest higher trail difficulty level than a 1 or basically a graded gravel road. These would include the Compass, stock Liberty and Patriot models, any Grand Cherokee without low range and of course any Jeep that is 2WD. Yes they make 2WD Jeeps, not real Jeeps to a “purist” but they still wear the Jeep name badge.

So given that little bit of background I will try to share my opinion and experience of each of the models that I have owned and driven. For models that I lack the knowledge and experience on, other members of Jeep Expeditions will give you their opinions.

Other Jeeps, don’t know much other that what I hear. The new JK Wranglers, especially the Rubicon’s are great, called by some the BEST Jeep they have ever owned but with a heavy price tag potentially out of reach for the average driver. The non-Rubicon models are good Jeeps but they will cost lots of cash to upgrade and modify Commanders, rumor is they are going to quit making them, not very popular but can be very capable off road with their QuadraDriveII system but they are not cheap to lift and there is little aftermarket support for them. I have seen the KJ Liberty models struggle on the trail and again are expensive to lift. As for the new Grand Cherokee (2005 and newer), rode in one last month, roomy, but expensive to lift due to independent front suspension and this one had no 4 Wheel Low which I feel is a must for any off-road travel. It seems more suited for Soccer Moms.

Will everyone share my opinions? Absolutely not so do some of your own research and see what other people tell you then make your decision.

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Full Size Jeeps - Wagoneer, Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, J-10 Truck, J20 Truck

The Full Size Jeep or FSJ as owners call them. The 1st and original modern SUV. The 1st Jeep Wagoneer rolled off the assembly line in 1962 for the 1963 model year and was produced until 1991. Over that period of nearly 30 years, there were very few changes to the Wagoneer.

Classic American Iron from the age of Heavy Metal!
Image Of Expedition Rig

The "downsized Jeeps" XJ Cherokee, XJ Wagoneer, MJ Comanche

These are the Jeeps that made Chrysler LOTs of money. Capable, versatile, great for hauling the family or hauling that deer home.

These like the mini-vans started a "revolution" with SUVs, smaller but big enough, fuel efficient and ready to do the job !
Image Of Expedition Rig

The Classic CJ

SEMBER FI and OOH RAH ! This CJ has been always faithful to its Marine owner

Image Of Expedition Rig

The ZJ- 1st Generation Grand Cherokee

The ZJ replaced the FSJ Grand Wagoneer in 1992/1993. It was built thru the 1998 Model year.

The 1st modern larger Jeep, roomy, comfortable and coils on all 4's !
Image Of Expedition Rig

The WJ - 2nd Generation Grand Cherokee 1999 to 2004

The 2nd Generation Grand - sleek styling, more refined but more suited for the soccer mom ?
Image Of Expedition Rig

The TJ - 2nd Generation Wrangler 1997 to 2006

More technology, coils on all 4 for a better ride, better handling, and better flex. The choice of many Jeepers.
Image Of Expedition Rig

The YJ - The CJ replacement

Square headlights, eventual fuel injection with lots of HP, wider track and lots of refinements over the CJ

Image Of Expedition Rig

The JK Wrangler - 3rd Generation - The BEST Wrangler yet ?


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Jeep Expeditions is the PREMIERE Jeep Exclusive Expedition/Overland Adventure CLUB Anywhere!

Jeep Expeditions is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Arizona.  

The state recognizes us as a fraternal organization,  we prefer to say we are a club.  Our members and volunteers are dedicated to the exploration of   this great land  for the educational value, historical value,  scenic beauty, the geology, paleontology, the camaraderie of people who share the same interests and to escape the confines of civilization if only for a few days. Our organization and members adhere to the standards of "Tread Lightly" and "Leave No Trace".

Jeep Expedition Members enjoy adventures that vary in length from one day, a weekend, long weekend, week long, two weeks and like our Arctic Expedition in 2011, a full month. Don't worry, most of our trips are one day and two day trips. We are Family Friendly and we have a number of members who bring their friendly "Jeep Dogs".

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